* Horizon. (lat. horizon, -ontis // gr. horizon, -ontos = that limits.) Line that limits the land area covered by the sight of the observer, and which seems to be linking the sky with the earth. Circular area of the surface of the balloon, which is contained in that line. Visible or apparent union of earth and sky, you can glimpse from any position.




The grazing of cows, to watch the sheep, the faraway trail of the daily freight train, a farmer riding his bicycle, another riding a horse, a car followed by a trace of dust, some of the things happening in Cura Malal town, state of Buenos Aires. To watch these everyday, things that modify the imaginary skyline, led us to organize the current project.
We deeply thank all those who were involved, providing their own "horizons".

Fernando García Delgado and Mercedes Resch.





Published by Fernando García Delgado and Mercedes Resch.

Year of Edition: December 2009.

Description: wooden box containing 30 signed original works of Argentinian artists.

The size of each box is 33 cms x 13 cms x 6 cms.

The size of each work is 29,7 cms x 10,5 cms.

Limited edition of 50 copies: one for each participantig artist and the other twenty for commercial purposes, eventually to support its expenses and organization. [ send message for more info ]







Rodrigo Alvarez

Laura Andreoni

Marcelo Beovide

Alejandra Bocquel

Mónica Christiansen

Carlota Daniel

Fernanda De Broussais

Florencia Delucchi

Cristina Elorriaga

Luis Espinosa

Paula Etcheberry

Fernando Fazzolari

Paula Ferraresi

Daniel Fitte

Fernando García Delgado

Sonia Gómez

Victoria Loos

Norberto José Martínez

Alberto Méndez

Nora Menghi

Hilda Paz

Sol Ramos

Mercedes Resch

Juan Carlos Romero

Nilda Rosemberg

Verónica Suanno

Alejandro Thornton

Micaela Trucco

Roxana Villarino

Ivana Vollaro





December 5 through 19, 2009 at Barraca Vorticista [Buenos Aires]


January 9 through 29, 2010 at La Tranca [Cura Malal, Bs. As.]